Meet Kate- the “get to know you” version

Kate has always had a love of people and a deep desire to create connection.  Her background with individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness and physical health issues, combine with her understanding of systems navigation – and her own journey of health and healing to create a unique understanding – and ability to speak and write with insight on many topics.

Kate has worked as the Executive Director of a charitable organization dedicated to fostering friendships through recreation among young adults with disabilities and their peers.  She is a Mental Health Case Manager and Care Coordinator for complex patients. She has been involved in refugee sponsorships and support.  Kate is also a yoga instructor and prides herself on creating a joyful “irreverence” in her practice.

In recent years Kate has experienced a number of her own health related struggles including viral meningitis and a brain injury resulting in post concussion syndrome.  She copes with fatigue, cognitive difficulties and “expressive aphasia” (a communication disorder that affects the retrieval of language while speaking).   She is the mother to two extremely busy little boys who – as many children do – have their own personal challenges with emotion, and ADHD.  Kate’s husband is also extremely driven and energetic.   For this reason Kate lovingly refers to herself as the “tortoise among hares”.

Kate is often referred to by friends and colleagues as a “Unicorn”.  She holds a steadfast belief in the good of people and their ability to elevate themselves.  She is a skilled advocate and devoted ally, but believes in approaching every potential conflict as an opportunity for collaboration.  Building community – recognizing and respecting each others struggles and assuming the best in people is critical – and will be the catalyst of powerful positive change.

Kate has a special interest in resiliency. She believes every experience is an opportunity to grow in our understanding and connect more deeply with one another.  But in order for this to work we need to reflect and be willing to share.  She subscribes to a strict philosophy of  honesty and authenticity which she strives to pepper with a healthy dose of humour. (The greatest tool in the healing quest!)

Kate has a few “happy places”.  Not the least of which would be the dance floor! But you will most often find her snuggling her kids, wandering the woods, or in the kitchen BAKING! Sparked by her children’s nutritional needs and struggles with food Kate has been on a mission for the past 7 years.  She loves to create delicious treats that pack tremendous nutrition and value and has been known to sneak cauliflower into just about anything!  Kate sees baking as an act of love and also a very healing meditative practice.  You are unlikely to pass through her doors without being offered some experimental titbit of JOY.

Renegade Healer

Warrior Mamma

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